Save up to 10% or more on your new home in Yorkshire or Tyneside with YappYapp.


With the property market in a state of constant change, it’s hard to know exactly how much a property is worth. Estate agents often work on commission; the higher the price they can get for a property, the more money they’ll see. What home buyers need is a home buying service that offers professional negotiation services for buyers.


When you decide to use YappYapp, buying your next home for less is simple. You’ve heard of ‘Location, Location, Location‘? We work in much the same way but for the wider public. We can help you to find the right property and use our industry knowledge to negotiate a lower price. Our service can even extend to helping you find the best local schools, gyms and shops near your new home.


The average house price in the UK is well over £230,000. With our prices starting from just £395 + VAT, we could save you over £20,000 on your next home. Whether you’re looking for a detached four bedroom house in York for your family, a first-time-buyer friendly one bedroom flat in Gateshead or your next dream home, our invaluable service will help you to find your ideal home for less.


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